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Professional discharge torch for divers DARKBUSTER Junior 12W

• Water resistant to the 100m
• Equipped with rechargeable lithium SONY Li-ion batteriy
• Charging by line adapter or car adapter
• Operating on surface is also possible
• Three different colour changing filters available
• High lighting efficiency
• Lifetime of the discharge lamp is 10× longer then lifetime of halogen lamp
• Truthful colour rendering index – high CRI (Ra>90)
• 12W HID lamp / 550 Lm, refers to 30W halogen lamp
• Shockproof
• Rich accessories

Totally professional workmanship. Suitable for the most demanded applications. Water resistant to 100m and shockproof. Rechargeable LITHIUM-ION SONY batteries, three color changing filters, high lighting efficiency, long lifetime of the HID lamp, high colour rendering index (Ra > 90), high lumen output (12W HID = 550 Lm). Charging by line adapter or car adapter. Charging connector in water resistant finish! Rich accessories to connect the torch to your camera or to connect with orientation torch DARKBUSTER LED 5W can be supplied. Accessories is closely described in technical sheet. Applications: diving, police, rescuers, army, miners….

Download technical sheet

Lighting sourcevýbojka HID
Lighting output550 Lm
Source lifetime>500 h
Angle6° or 12°
Battery typeSONY Li-ion 5,2Ah
Working time250 min
DimmensionsØ78 x L205 mm
Weght on air/in watter830g/30g
Watter penetrationto 300ft/100m
Number of recharging cycles500
Battery lifetime24 months