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Proffesional LED torch DARKBUSTER LED

  • Water resistant to the 100m
  • Equipped with rechargeable lithium SONY Li-ion batteries (only for 5W and 12W)
  • Recharging by line adapter
  • Lighting beam angle adjusting (only for 5W and 12W)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long lifetime of the LED source
  • Heavy duty
  • Compact finish and small dimensions
  • Case of the torch is made of light aluminum alloy
  • 3 modes (STROBO, GENERAL, TURBO)
  • Rich accessories

Torches BRIGHTSTAR DARKBUSTER LED 3W, DARBURSTER LED 5W and DARKBUSTER LED 12W are made of light aluminum alloy. Types 5W and 12W are equipped with Japanese rechargeable batteries type SONY LI-ON. Their have IP68 cover rating and they are water resistant to 100m depth. They are shock proof and heavy duty. Types 3W and 5W enable adjusting of the lighting beam from 15 degrees to 25 degrees. They are equipped with high intensity LED chips with long lifetime (50.000h). Their compact finish, small dimensions and other technical features enable to use them in wide number of most demanded applications. Accessories is showed in details in technical sheet. Applications: diving, cycling, police, rescue workers, army, mining, climbing. Technical sheet from manufacturer can be downloaded here.

Download technical sheet

Lighting sourceLEDLEDLED
Luminous flux170 Lm210 Lm700 Lm
Battery type3 Alkaline AAALi-ion battery4.4A / 2.2A Li-ion battery
Working timeStrobe 24 h, General 12 h, Turbo 6 hStrobe 4 h, General 6.5 h, Turbo 8 h4.4A 240 min, 2.2A: 145 min
DiametersØ3.67 x L13 cmØ3.67 x L15 cmØ7.8 x L20.5cm
Weight130 g (bez baterií)200 g (bez baterií)4.4A: 870 g ; 2.2A: 730 g
Water penetrationto 100mto 100mto 100m
Lighting beam regulation12°- 25°12°- 25°-
Number of recharging cycles-500500