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Light up your life

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Light up your life

Electronic ballast CDM


Ceramic metalhalide HID lamps

Technical features:

A construction with round (globe) ceramic arc tube provides the best features of light, colour and stability and longer average lifetime. Available in warmwhite 830 WW (3 000 K) and neutralwhite colour 942 NW (4 200 K).

  • The best rendering and durability within the whole lamp lifetime cycle (reduced aging)
  • Better spreading of light and equal illumination thanks to round ceramic arc tube
  • High economy thanks to optimized rated luminous flux
  • Minimalized UV radiation (UV-Stop version)
  • Suitable both for the enclosed and open luminaires
  • High safety thanks to the firm cover of arc tube
  • High-effective and energy saving solution
  • Suitable for illumination of outdoors and indoors places
  • Direct replacement of common metalhalide HID lamps
  • Low ratio of UV radiation (UV-Stop version only)
  • High colour rendering index (Ra)
  • High comfort of illumination, possibility to choose colour tint
  • Long lifetime and stability
  • Universal Burning position
  • Compact size


DescriptionWKLmCdCRILife (h)AngleBaseBurning pos.Diameters (mm)
JCL-R 20W/830 MR16 12D203000K106011000>85>800012°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 20W/830 MR16 25D203000K10603500>85>800025°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 20W/830 MR16 40D203000K10603500>85>800040°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 20W/942 MR16 12D204200K100710450>85>800012°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 20W/942 MR16 25D204200K10073325>85>800025°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 20W/942 MR16 40D204200K1007615>85>800040°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 35W/830 MR16 12D353000K210016000>88>900012°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 35W/830 MR16 25D353000K21005500>88>900025°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 35W/830 MR16 40D353000K21003000>88>900040°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 35W/942 MR16 12D354200K210016000>88>900012°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 35W/942 MR16 25D354200K21005500>88>900025°GX10any51 x 66,5
JCL-R 35W/942 MR16 40D354200K21003000>88>900040°GX10any51 x 66,5