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Light up your life

Electronic ballast CDM

Metal Halide Lamp: double-end

High-efficiency metal halide lamps combining the high luminous efficacy, compact arc and excellent colour characteristics required in a variety of applications.

MHK lamps are designed with sure-grip end knobs with cup springs, and have a special heat-resistant bond between the bulb and the caps.

They can be operated on an AC electronic power supply as well as on a magnetic ballast-igniter combination. The run-up time is three minutes.

Hot re-ignition is possible with a high voltage peak. In view of their high internal working pressure, these lamps must only be operated in closed luminaires.

They radiate a considerable amount of ultra-violet. The luminaire lenses must block this, and no radiation must be spilled through ventilation slots.


  • Indoor and outdoor colour television
  • Indoor and outdoor filming
  • Theatre stages
  • Overhead projectors
  • Disco lighting